भारतीय कम्युनिस्ट पार्टी का प्रकाशन पार्टी जीवन पाक्षिक वार्षिक मूल्य : 70 रुपये; त्रैवार्षिक : 200 रुपये; आजीवन 1200 रुपये पार्टी के सभी सदस्यों, शुभचिंतको से अनुरोध है कि पार्टी जीवन का सदस्य अवश्य बने संपादक: डॉक्टर गिरीश; कार्यकारी संपादक: प्रदीप तिवारी

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Communist Party of India, U.P. State Council

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बुधवार, 2 जून 2010


The Communist Party of India strongly condemns Israel's piratical attacks on the high seas on a flotilla of civilian aid ships for Gaza strip which is facing a blockade. This deadly attack in the International Waters has left a score of people dead and many injured.

The belligerent act of Israel has once again proved that to what extent Israel could go defying the world public opinion and humanitarian values. It is a fact that Israel is fully backed by US in its war against the Palestinian people.

While the whole world condemns the Israeli attack, the response of the Government of India is weak. This is due to its multiple cooperation with Israel including military one. The Party demands that India should take a firm stand and condemn Israel.

The Communist Party of India calls upon all peace loving and anti imperialist forces to condemn Israeli attack and express solidarity with the people of Palestine.


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